Will Robert Irwin follow his sister Bindi’s love story? Steve Irwin’s son is asked for his number at the zoo

Robert Irwin was recently approached by an American tourist at Australia Zoo on June 14, Tuesday. However, proving the gentleman he is, he didn’t chase his fan and instead handled the situation perfectly. The situation is quite similar to how her sister Bindi Irwin met her love and now husband Chandler Powell at the zoo himself.

American tourist Megan Grass said ‘I was wondering if I could have your number’ to which Robert replied: ‘Well I’m very flattered’ he then replied before redirecting her to his social media posts. Without causing a scene, the son of the late Steve Irwin kindly turned the woman down in the now viral TikTok video. “I’ll tell you what’s the easiest way [to contact me] is on Instagram because then my people can monitor it and see when it’s on because my number mixes up. “However, Grass wasn’t going to be turned down so easily last night to tell you I was coming here today,” to which Terry Irwin’s son replied with an “Oh no” and said he would look for him. after knowing his name.


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The legend, to Grass’s video which once again seems like a desperate attempt to get Robert’s attention, read “Tiktok do your thing @Robert Irwin #fyp#australiazoo #crikey” However, people were quick to tell the poster that Robert couldn’t not turn you down more gently as one user commented, “He’s trying to turn you down so politely. Forget it.” Another user wrote, “I don’t think he’s saying no. There’s probably so many people trying to get access to him that he’s taking precautions for his safety. He’s so nice.” The video now has over 2.4 million views. Grass, a Utah native, recently spoke with “The Today Show” and explained that she hasn’t yet had a date with the zookeeper.

“Nothing happened but it exploded on TikTok,” she said. When the hosts asked her about her daring attempt to flirt with Robert, she replied: “I think he’s literally the nicest person ever. He’s a great guy. I’d just be the friend of Robert.”

Will Robert find love at the zoo like his sister Bindi?

While Robert may not have responded to his fan. Surprisingly, the late Steve Irwin’s daughter, Bindi, found love in a somewhat similar way. Florida native Chandler Powell first laid eyes on Bindi during a 2013 trip to Beerwah Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland. He was 22 at the time and was a professional wakeboarder at the time. In a conversation with People, Powell said: “Bindi happened to be giving tours that day. I’m like, ‘Wow, she’s amazing. The duo got on pretty well there and haven’t looked back since.

Bindi was 20 when she first met Powell. Now 23, he is married to Powell and they even have a daughter, Grace Warrior.

As for Robert, the guy is only 18 and not dating anyone yet. However, her fans can’t help but swoon just because of her love for animals. Recently, Robert announced the first-ever NFT series of Australian Zoo collectibles. “I never thought we’d be at the forefront of NFTs, but here we are, it’s an exciting time. I’m so passionate about wildlife conservation, so in every way we can support that we welcome with open arms,” Robert said while speaking to Sunrise.

As to whether he is dating someone or not, that question remains unanswered. The dapper youngster has been linked to two women in the past, however, no reports have had any confirmation regarding their relationship nor have the family commented on Robert’s love life. Robert has been linked to two young women: Elisha Jackson (a fan who reportedly spent time with Robert and the Irwin family) and Emmy Perry (an animal rights activist and actress). It’s really unclear if he actually dated one or the other (or both).