With tears in her eyes: mother dog refuses to leave cruelly stuffed dead puppies in bag

A female dog was found on the side of the road with ‘tears in her eyes’ as she sat next to her dead puppies who were cruelly stuffed into a bag.

Source: Zoo Earth/Youtube

Paul Skinner, a cyclist, was riding along a road when he found the mum on the side of the road. The mother Cocker Spaniel seemed to be in distress and didn’t want to leave her babies around.

Skinner alerted the police, the RSPCA and a greyhound sanctuary who called to the scene to save the poor mother.

Skinner said he was biking with friends when they spotted something they thought was a dead bird. Upon closer inspection, they found it was not a bird.

“She was a little spaniel without a collar. We looked around in case anyone got in trouble. She was quite a distance from the road.

“The dog was alone, sitting licking the contents of a carrier bag of fish and chips.”

“The bag contained four dead puppies. It was heartbreaking. She had tears in her eyes. »

“I couldn’t believe how someone could be so devoid of humanity to do something like this.”

When authorities arrived on the scene, they attempted to resuscitate the puppies, but unfortunately none survived. The audience was shocked to know who could do such a cruel thing to these poor newborn babies.

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